Scree LLC.


what is scree?

Hike a mountain trail and you will come across it. The broken fragments of larger rocks are called scree. Not quite rock but not sand either. It can make footing treacherous. It can slow your pace. But these elements of something larger are each individual pieces of something much bigger and grander. Your technology needs are something like the scree; many pieces that simply need to come together in one place. That’s what we do. We take the pieces and make something whole, something complete, and something that is just right for your needs.

connected, committed, conscientious

We have an extensive background in individual and corporate web design for non-profit agencies, marketing firms, ranches, churches, and schools.

With direct experience in such diverse fields as aviation, publishing and recreation, we work directly with clients to discover their needs and build around them. Our experience includes HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress.

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